PhotoRepublik brings photography to the people, providing exceptional value without sacrificing quality. When you purchase a PhotoRepublik product, you can feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting an independent Canadian business dedicated to supporting the creative community.

The Camera Store’s PhotoRepublik brand consists of handy photography accessories and essentials. Each item was hand-selected for the best combination of quality and value. This has allowed us to provide a wide range of great products for photo and video at a low cost.



PhotoRepublik tripods & heads offer strength, stability, and plenty of features such as built-in spirit levels, Arca-type quick release systems, monopod functionality, and more. And all of that comes at a price that’s just as light as our Mountain series tripods.




From neutral density filters that open up your shutter speeds without altering colours, to circular polarizers to help eliminate reflections and improve clarity, and graduated ND filters to balance out the varied exposure values across your images, PhotoRepublik has the filters you need at the prices you want.



Photo and Video Studio Accessories 

PhotoRepublik studio accessories include everything from stands, reflectors, and lightboxes to spigots and flash modifiers. The studio selection also includes a variety of LED lighting solutions that are portable and easily adjustable.